Baseball Stadiums

I haven't been to a Mariners game in two months and even though the season's not great, I'm dying to get back to Safeco Field. I've talked before about how cool I think our stadium is. I've taken tours of the old Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park, but the only other MLB field I've seen a game at is Petco Park in San Diego. Though I'm not the biggest baseball fan ever, I definitely want to visit more stadiums across the country. Plus, you can do a lot more than just watch a game these days. Take a look at some awesome features from ballparks throughout the league. 

Comerica Park is like a carnival midway, with it's baseball ferris wheel and merry-go-round.

AT&T Park has a 56-foot Coke bottle which houses four playground slides.
You can also rent a kayak and watch the game from McCovey Cove.

Chase Field's swimming pool can be rented for around $6,000 a game.

Camden Yards has picnic tables under the shade of trees in left field.

Petco Park has a sandbox in front of the bleacher section in center field.

Wrigley Field sells $75 tickets for rooftop seats on top of nearby apartment buildings.

Miller Park has a 12,500-car parking lot where tailgating rivals the best of the Big Ten.
And for $100 you can take a ride down Bernie Brewer's left field twisty slide. 

You can visit the Yankee Museum and Monument Park at Yankee Stadium.

Coors Field has a row of purple seats in the upper deck that is exactly one mile above sea level.

Fenway Park offers seating on top of the legendary Green Monster.

PNC Park has the best skyline view in baseball when you sit in the upper deck.

Kauffman Stadium turns on it's fountain between innings and before and after the game.

You can watch a train pulling oranges above left field at Minute Maid Park.

Marlins Park features fish tanks lining the backstop, a nightclub/pool in the outfield, and a hideous home-run sculpture.

I'm most looking forward to going to Wrigley Field some day.
Have you been to any of these ballparks? Did I miss something cool from your favorite field?


Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to Nolan! He turned seven yesterday! That's such a big age! He's so smart, kind, creative, thoughtful, and silly and I'm in awe of him every day. We normally do a big party with a fun theme, but we'll be at Disneyland for Milo's fifth birthday so he isn't getting a party. When Nolan and I started to party plan, Milo got confused and jealous, so we skipped it this year and had a fun family day instead. Nolan is so easy going, he didn't mind one bit. We did science experiments, invited the grandparents over for cake, my sister took him out to sushi, he chose Outback Steakhouse for dinner, and we stayed up past bed time at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was a good day.

Cheers to Liam Payne! Nolan wasn't the only one with a birthday this weekend. Liam of One Direction turned 22 on Saturday. I think he has the best voice and is the hottest of all the guys, but something about his personality keeps him from being my favorite. He's always positive and happy, kinda cheesy and fun, and he's definitely the glue that holds the group together, but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I just really, really like looking at him. He's dreamy.

Cheers to the SNL lineup! Miley is opening the season, followed by Amy Schumer (with The Weeknd) and Tracy Morgan (with Demi Lovato). Miley's done a great job in the past and Amy is on fire right now. She should fit in perfectly with the cast and writers. I'm most excited about Tracy though. He's had such a rough year and he's coming home for his first performance. It's going to be emotional! 

Cheers to Banksy! I've been a fan for years and love everything about his recent pop-up exhibit, Dismaland. Banksy funded the entire instillation at a seaside resort town in England. It consists of ten of his own pieces and contributions from 58 other artists. Check out the trailer here and behind the scenes tour here. I wish I could see it in person!

Cheers to Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence! Man, I wish I was a celeb. You can just say in an interview, "I really like [insert celebrity's name here] and would love to work with her," and poof, your people talk to her people and you're instant BFFs. JLaw said something about Amy on the red carpet, Amy fangirled and invited her to hang, JLaw accepted and they spent a day on a boat in the Hamptons. Now they're dancing on Billy Joel's piano and writing and co-starring as sisters in a movie. What?!

Hey universe! I want to be friends with Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey. Jenny Slate, Alison Brie, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Poehler, Christina Applegate, Britney Spears, Abbi and Ilana, Leah Remini, Chelsea Handler, Natasha Leggero, Chrissy Teigan, Kristen Wiig, Aubrey Plaza, Jennifer Aniston, and/or Gwen Stefani. Thanks!

- - - - -

Jeers to the heat. Seattle broke a ton of weather records this year. We had the warmest first half of the year, the most 90° days in a year (beating out NYC, Boston, and Chicago), the most 85° days in a year, the hottest June, the hottest July, and the most consecutive days above 70°. We tied records for the most consecutive days above 80° and 90° and the May-July period was the driest with only .90 inches of rain. I AM OVER IT. Thankfully we're in the middle of a full week of rain. I'm so ready for fall.

Jeers to movies. I only went to the movies five times this summer and three of those were with my kids. There just wasn't much playing that interested me. I wanted to see a ton of indies, but couldn't make it work with our crazy schedule. Inside Out was super cute and my kids are still talking about it, so it's a total success in my book! Minions was terrible. Milo was so bored we left with thirty minutes to go. Trainwreck was awesome. Read my review here. Ricki and the Flash wasn't great. Meryl Streep was uncomfortable to watch, which I guess was the point, but the movie wasn't funny enough or dramatic enough to be very good. I saw Jurassic World again, this time with Nolan, for his first ever grown up movie! It was just as entertaining as the first time, I stand by my previous review, and Nolan absolutely loved it.

Jeers to surgery. Kinda. I'm happy that I'll be able to breathe again and I'm extremely grateful that I didn't need surgery for nine whole months this time around, but I hate surgery, and recovery is a bitch. I'm a little excited about spending a few days in bed with a film challenge to start though. I'll be going under the knife laser on Thursday. 

Jeers to love. Not really, but there have been a lot of celebrity splits this summer! Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, Ben Affleck and Jenifer Garner, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, and after 35 years together, Reba McIntyre is separating from her husband/manager Narvel Blackstock. Did you hear about Homer and Marge?! The Simpsons creators say they will become legally separated in the upcoming season. My only hope from all this is that Ben gets back with JLo and Gwen writes some really great heartbreaking songs. Don't Speak 2.0, please!

Jeers to wildfires. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Washington state is on fire. President Obama declared a state of emergency on August 21 as sixteen active fires have burned 920 square miles. The big one, the Okanogan Complex, made of six fires in north central WA, covers nearly 500 square miles. It's the largest in our state's history and the nation's number one wildfire priority, though federal funds are about to run out. The fires (caused by lightning strikes) are expected to spread even more and won't burn out completely until this winter. 1,350 firefighters (from across the state, Canada, California, New Zealand, Australia, and National Guardsmen) are actively fighting it, but it's only 12% contained and over 150 houses, cabins, and outbuildings have been destroyed. Last weekend, when the Okanogan Complex and Twisp River fires merged, three firefighters were killed. Tom Zbyszewski, Richard Wheeler, and Andrew Zajac were true heroes.


Taylor Swift Concert

Don't hate me for saying this, but Taylor Swift irks me in a way I can't really explain. She's talented, a great businesswoman, very charitable, and writes a damn good song, but I feel like everything she does is really calculated and don't know that she has much of a personality. That said, 1989 is one of my favorite albums in a long time and she puts on a pretty great show, so I was excited to see her in concert again, this time at CenturyLink Field.

Her part of the show was nearly three hours long, but she only sang thirteen songs off 1898 plus two remixed-into-pop country songs. During costume changes videos played of her famous friends (Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, Haim, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, etc) talking about how great Taylor is. And there there were these long drawn out moments between songs where she talked to the audience about friendship, love, self-respect, and herself (in a "vote for me at the Teen Choice Awards" kind of way) while strumming her guitar or playing her piano for ten minutes at a time. What she said was totally fine and positive and I'm sure the tweens in the crowd loved hearing it (and should hear it, especially coming from their idols), but it totally ruined the flow of the show. Everyone sat down and talked to each other and my friend mentioned that she could have done without these "therapy sessions." Me too.

Ok, onto more positive things. Taylor sounded good, her sets, stages, and costumes were fun, her dancers had insane energy, and the interactive LED bracelets made everyone look like part of the set. (I know they are used at music festivals, award shows, running events, NBA games, and Coldplay concerts, but it was my first time with one and they are pretty cool!) It was a great pop spectacular with awesome fireworks. I had a good time.

Taylor brings out special guests at every tour stop: someone to sing one of their own songs and a few more to strut down the catwalk during her song Style. We were all curious to see who we'd get, but I was underwhelmed. Fetty Wap came out to sing Trap Queen and Ciara and Russell Wilson walked down the catwalk to the loudest cheers of the night.

I'm jealous of other cities! She's brought out some huge stars. Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Beaz, Julia Roberts (?), Kobe Bryant, Chris Rock, Matt LeBlanc (?!), Mariska Hargitay, the US Women's Soccer Team, and a bunch of her model friends have walked out with her. And she's performed with St. Vincent, Beck, John Legend, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Maines, Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes from OITNB!), Mary J. Blige, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Walk the Moon, Little Big Town, Sam Hunt, Andy Grammer, Imagine Dragons, Jason Derulo, Lorde, Nick Jonas, Haim, The Weeknd, and Ellie Goulding. Just last night at Staples Center she sang with Selena Gomez (Good For You), Justin Timberlake (Mirrors), AND Lisa Kudrow (Smelly Cat). That's an insane amount of talent! I would have died to see Alanis or Phoebe Buffay! 

I think this part of the show is pretty great. She's sharing the spotlight with others, surprising her audience with fun guests, and giving these artists a major popularity boost and the chance to perform for at least 50,000 people, which most of them will never do. Good on you, Taylor. She's touring through October, so if you get a chance to see her, do it! If you can afford it. I paid $120 for my seat at the top of the 300 level, mid-field, at a 67,000 seat football stadium. For comparison, I paid $135 for my floor seat at One Direction. Girlfriend makes some serious money. 


Camp Movies

I finally watched Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflix. I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I've been catching up on so many dramas lately, I was excited for some laughs. I'm definitely a fan of the movie even though it's really weird and pretty stupid. I think the series is even more absurd, but it worked for me. In this prequel there are some fun inside jokes and storylines that you'll only understand if you know the movie, which is always fun, and I thought the new cast members fit in seamlessly. The best part for me is all these amazing actors in their 40s are still playing 16-year-olds.

Watching it got me thinking about other summer camp movies. I've always been so interested in camp because it isn't really a thing where I'm from. I didn't have one friend growing up who went away for the summer. Some went to a week-long church or sports camp, but that's not the same thing. Besides hating the outdoors, I always wanted to go. I dreamed of unique bonds with bunkmates that my regular friends just wouldn't understand. And isn't camp where preteens had their sexual awakening? All I got was the stupid boy down the street from my stepsisters' house. I've always been envious of the characters in movies who made lifelong memories. These are my favorites: 

Ok, so Space Camp isn't about summer camp at all and only the beginning of The Parent Trap takes place at camp, but they are some of my favorite movies ever. I also really love Happy Campers and the most recent movie about summer camp is Moonrise Kingdom, which is one of the best Wes Anderson movies of them all. 

Here are more camp movies I've enjoyed.

There are plenty of camps I didn't want to go to, but they made for good movies!

And here are some I haven't seen, but need to!

Have you seen any of these? What is your favorite camp movie?
Did you go to summer camp?! Tell me all about it!