Crushworthy Couples

I love love. I love celebrities. I love them even more when they're in love! Take a look at my favorite celeb couples. I hope they don't split up, like some in my last post did! Oops.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
They've been together for three years and engagement rumors have been swirling since this summer.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
They met at friend's birthday party and the rest is history for these adorable parents of two.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
These are two of my favorite young Hollywood actors. They got engaged in January, but no wedding date yet. 

Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm
They've been together since 1997 and always look so supportive and happy and in love.

Lauren Parsekian and Aaron Paul
Aaron met his director/actress/activist wife at Coachella of all places. They are soooo in love and aren't afraid to show it.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco
These two have been quietly dating for about two and a half years. I love them both!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
He's hilarious and she's gorgeous. I'm jealous of both of them! They make the perfect little family with baby Otis.

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman
They've been married for eleven years and work together constantly. Can you imagine how hilarious their life is?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
She's funny and beautiful and he's talented and handsome. They are so cute together.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
These two are so down to earth and hilarious. And a little weird, which I like.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
I don't always agree with her, but I stand by my love for Jenny. These two seem perfect together! 

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin
The Pitch Perfect stars have been together for a year and a half and are possibly the cutest couple on Instagram.

Who are some of your favorite celebrity couples?

Fifth Ave Holiday Windows

When I went to NYC for the first time in November of 2004, we made sure to stop by a few holiday tourist attractions. We attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, we saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and we visited the tree in Rockefeller Center. We also did some shopping on Fifth Avenue, but were  too early in the season to see the department store window displays, which totally bummed me out. Since then I've always checked them out online, wishing I could window shop in person.

Barneys' theme is titled Baz Dazzled. Film director Baz Luhrmann, costume designer Catherine Martin (who is Luhrmann's wife), and Barneys’ Dennis Freedman created displays with live performances and mechanical masterworks, all set to Christmas tunes by Pentatonix. Check out the windows in motion here.

Lord & Taylor's whimsical windows display the interior of an enchanted mansion. Rooms include the Hertiage Gallery and Hall of Wisdom, which are filled with surprises big and small, all celebrating the building's 100-year history. For the first time ever hydraulics and video wall technology were used in the elaborate settings.


Saks Fifth Avenue's An Enchanted Experience features fairy tale automatons. Each windows takes on a classic story, but in a New York setting. Rumpelstiltskin spins straw into gold in a subway tunnel, Cinderella's arrives at the Saks Ball, Rapunzel swings from her hair off the Empire State Building, Little Red Riding Hood encounters the wolf at The Plaza, Sleeping Beauty slumbers in Central Park, and Snow White is being tempted by an apple in Times Square.

Tiffany & Co's paper cut dioramas depict winter scenes set in iconic city spots. Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and Times Square are littered with little blue boxes and jewelry and a light show illuminates the facade of the store every fifteen minutes. 

Bergdorf Goodman's windows are an ode to the arts. Displays are full of mirrors, shiny instruments, and tricks of perspective to honor theater, music, film, sculpture, architecture, dance, painting, and literature. 

Macy's theme is Santa's Journey To The Stars. It's the story of a boy who receives a magical telescope that allows him to see Christmas on other planets. The six-window display also includes an interactive game to play as you go.

Which display is your favorite?
I love Saks and Tiffany, but I think Bergdorf's is the best this year.

Best Friendless

Confession time: I don't have a best friend. Don't worry, this is not a woe is me type post. I just thought about it the other day and after a few conversations with other friends, I realized I don't actually have a bestie. I've seen bloggers talk about their best friends from high school and how they are still as close as ever and honestly, it boggles my mind.

Growing up, I seemed to have a new best friend every few years, sometimes every single year. I don't think that's so abnormal though. Pre-teen girls are fickle creatures, trying to figure out their place in the world, and a lot of times that means a shift in cliques. Or was that just me? I changed schools a few times so maybe I wasn't able to put roots down. But I only went to one high school and at one point, I was best friends with preppies, stoners, band geeks, drama nerds, jocks, you name it. I was friends with one girl from 5th to 12th grade, and at times we claimed to be BFFs, but there were years in there where we had nothing to do with each other. I had another best friend in high school. We belonged to different cliques, but always had so much fun together. That ended as soon as we graduated though. Our paths went in opposite directions; hers to motherhood, mine to partying. I'm still friendly with both of them though, thanks to Facebook. 

After graduation I met BFF (that's what I've always called him on the blog). We clicked the night we met, had everything in common, and were best pals from then on out. But he moved to Sacramento three years ago and although we still get along perfectly, the distance is a factor. Then there's Carrie, who I've known since I was nine years old. We have fun when we hang out and she's my go-to person for concerts, but the only thing we really have in common is our history. Our relationship has been sort of strange this past year too.

I have friends for different reasons, who offer different things: mom friends, high school friends, neighbors, old family friends, blog friends, college friends, old coworkers, childhood friends, etc. I also genuinely love hanging out with my siblings and parents. I even have friends who are totally off the grid and are completely uncomfortable if I want a picture of us together for social media purposes. Who are these monsters?

I've always believed that people can come into your life for a period of time or during a phase and leave without hard feelings. I've only ever actually had to "break up" with one friend, the rest have just drifted out of my life. Does that make me cold? Should I have tried harder? Sometimes I feel like the only one who ever tries, so I've been giving up a lot easier these days.

I really hate to be that girl who claims her husband is her best friend, but Jacob kind of is. I love spending time with him and he's my first choice, I just don't put that "best friend" label on him. So yeah, I guess I'm best friendless, but I'm ok with it.

Road Trippin' to San Diego

We've been home for two weeks, I guess it's finally time for a vacation recap. My brother is working in San Diego and renting a house with a pool, so we decided to visit him over Thanksgiving. We have many friends who've driven the twenty hour trip and thought, hey, let's save $1,500 we'd spend on airfare and a rental car and do it too! I came up with a million activities to do in the car and the boys did pretty well. We only stopped three times a day to go potty, get food, and take a walk or stop at a playground.

We left the house at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning. After 13 hours in the car, we stopped in Sacramento for the night. My BFF lives there so I dropped Jacob and the kids off at the hotel and left to grab some Mexican food with him and his boyfriend.

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel, got right back on the road, and made it to San Diego by dinner time. Monday was all about Legoland. It's definitely a theme park for little ones. I think anyone over the age of nine would be bored, but it was perfect for our guys. I was surprised by how busy it was and how long the lines were, but we had a really great day.

On Tuesday morning we made our way to Balboa Park to visit the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and Natural History Museum. Nolan was in heaven. Milo wanted to get on with the show.

That afternoon we finally took a dip in my brother's pool. It's not heated, so even though it was 80 degrees outside, the 60 degree pool was too cold! We hung out in the hot tub instead. 

Tuesday evening was all about exploring Old Town and eating Mexican and drinking margaritas for dinner. Milo was so into the musicians at dinner, he hardly ate a thing. Both boys were in awe of the cactuses.

After the kids went to bed Jacob and I were supposed to meet up with Tiffany and Justin, but Milo had other plans. He woke up as we were walking out the door and cried and cried. Jacob stayed home with him while I went to the bar alone. I had so much fun with the newlyweds! We talked for hours and I probably kept them up way past their work night bedtime. I'm so mad we forgot to take a picture together!

Wednesday was SeaWorld day! Nolan had been looking forward to this for months and really soaked up every little thing. We saw sharks, penguins, seals, sea lions, belugas, walruses, turtles, and even reindeer! We touched cleaner fish, bat rays, and sea stars. We went to the sea lion, dolphin and orca shows. We also rode a few rides and played in the snow. Our favorite part of the day was spending time with Tiffany. She took us behind the scenes to feed a giant Pacific octopus and showed us where the rescued marine animals are treated and rehabilitated. Nolan absolutely adores her, not only because she's sweet, but because she knows everything about sea life. (Knowledge is the way to that boy's heart.)

Since Thanksgiving was the next day, we stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home from SeaWorld and bought a precooked ham (I don't like turkey), a bunch of sides, and dessert. (Have you tried their Cookie Butter Cheesecake yet? So good, but sickeningly sweet.) Thursday morning was spent at Mission Beach. When we got back, we relaxed in the hot tub, then I took a nap while Jacob prepared our meal. After we ate, we went to Silver Strand to watch the sunset.

On Friday morning we took the trolley to the Gaslamp Quarter for breakfast. While we were eating giant pancakes and waffles at Cafe 222, Jacob got a call from work telling him that he had to pick up a rental car on Sunday evening and head out of town to be at meetings first thing Monday morning. We hadn't planned on leaving San Diego until Saturday morning, which would get us home Sunday night. After talking over breakfast, we decided we should go back to my brother's house, pack up, and head out a day early.

I was bummed because we had plans to meet Leeann for breakfast on Saturday morning and have dinner with my cousin on Saturday night, but we had to skip those meetups. We arrived at our hotel in Redding at 10:30 PM on Friday night. We slept, woke up, ate our continental breakfast, and hit the road again. We were so lucky with traffic and weather and got home safe and sound Saturday night around 6:00 PM.

I have to give Jacob a huge shout out for driving so awesomely. When I decided to give him a break, we were getting into the mountains in southern Oregon. I'm normally a good driver, but those windy roads and speeding semi trucks freaked me out and I gave up after 45 minutes. Lame. Jacob didn't complain once about doing all the work. And the kids were surprisingly well behaved. They had books, music, art projects, workbooks, movies, iPods, audio books, and games to keep them busy and hardly complained at all. When they did start to whine, snacks cured everything! We had such great experiences. I love my boys!